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Granite Color Search

Granite Color Search

Use the granite color search to search 1000's of colors, view these colors in our kitchen designer to compair your cabinet, walls and backsplashes to your countertop selection

Stone Colors

Chauvigny beige Limestone FranceChiampo Perlato beige Limestone ItalyComblanchien beige Limestone FranceConquistador beige Granite SpainCream Pearl beige Limestone TurkeyCream Violet beige Gneiss BrazilCream Wombeyan Dark beige Marble AustraliaCream Wombeyan Light beige Marble AustraliaCrema Altea beige Limestone SpainCrema Beida beige Limestone SpainCrema Cabrera beige Granite SpainCrema Cela beige Limestone SpainCrema Cenia beige Limestone SpainCrema Europa beige Limestone SpainCrema Imperiale beige Limestone CroatiaCrema Loja beige Limestone SpainCrema Luna beige Limestone FranceCrema Marbella beige Limestone SpainCrema Marfil beige Limestone SpainCreme Bahia beige Granite BrazilCreme Travertin beige Travertine Turkey

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Granite Color search

When the colors search page loads you will see a series of thumbnails. Simply click on the stone that you like or use the granite stone search feature to filter by color, name or type of stone.

Grnaite Colors Search Display

Granite Color Search features

The stones are also grouped by type on the search page so that you can quickly locate the type of stone that you want in your home.

Next and previous links help you to move though all the options available for that stone type. The My Fav's option brings you to a page with all your favorite selections.

Grnaite Colors Search Features

Granite Colors Detail

Granite Color Details

This page provides you with more details about the color you have selected and the origin of that stone. Also from this view you can add this color to your favorites and continue your search. You can view any one of these files in our kitchen designer from this view as well.

Granite Colors Favorites

Granite Colors Favorites

Once you have made your selections you can view these colors together and save your selections to any of your social media sites or to your bookmarks to access later. It even has an email feature.

Stone types

There are many sub classifications of stones typically defines by the process that the stone was created and the minerals contained within the stone. GRANITE | MARBLE | SOAPSTONE | Ophicalcite | grey | Sandstone | Amazonite | Serpentinite pay | Soapstone | Anorthosite | Sodalite-syenitep | Norite | Basalt | Granulite | Gneiss | Spessartite | Monzonite | Marble | blue | Aplite | Ophicalcite | Phyllite | Tonalite | Syenite | Marble-onyx | Quartzite | Anorthosite | Foidolite | Granite | Hornfels | Paragneiss | Tuff

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